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Here at DibsMart we strive to provide the best product, the best prices, and the best experience possible! If you have any suggestions, comments, things you would like to see added to, or anything else to say we would love to hear it! Comment below and we will try our very best to implement all of your suggestions into to make it the best it can be!

Also, If you have the time, we have a short survey here that would provide us with valuable feedback that we would use to improve

Thank you for using we sincerely appreciate your support!


2 thoughts on “Any and all Feedback!

  1. Hi,
    Extremely pleased to find this retail space. I’ve been watching Sal’s YouTube channel for months.
    Can you please tell me the name of the paper thin like product used to waterproof seams, corners, curbs etc… I’m assuming it’s for sale here.
    Also, do you sell: Schluter Systems Kerdi Polystyrene Foam Backer Board

    Thank you, and an especially huge thank you to Sal for the countless detailed videos.
    Sal I think you’re combination of free expert videos and associated retail is the ideal business model for today and foreseeable future. Your skills and overall trade knowledge are indisputable. Both of which provides people like me with the confidence to buy here. Great job. Congratulations!

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